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10 Postulates of the Healthy Diet

Nutrition is important for weight

Prof. Dr. Donka Baykova gives useful advice for dieting and losing weight

Hello, prof. Baykova! The spring is here! We have taken our coats off, but how do we lose the extra kilograms?
Hello! Yes, with the first warm days our minds switch to the topic of weight-loss. When we meet somewhere with friends, women immediately start talking about what diet everyone is on. Diets have become like a fashion during these last years.

Which diet do you recommend?
The diet has become a rather cynical term. A diet is not hunger, is a feeding regime. The regime must be well balanced in correspondence with healthy eating. Here are the 10 postulates of healthy eating, which are in accordance with the global practices:
1. Eat various food;
2. Eat regularly;
3. Eat enough raw fruits and vegetables – at least 200 g fruits and vegetables daily;
4. Consume wholegrain foods;
5. Eat low-fat milk products every day;
6. Eat fish and lean meat;
7. Eat legumes twice a week;
8. Use 2 soup spoons of vegetable oil daily;
9. Reduce the cooking salt;
10. Limit the sugar and sweets, including sugar containing soda beverages.

Should we practice sports?
Movement is important for slender figure as well as for the health. We must move actively at least 40-50 minutes per day. Sports activities are an addition to the balanced life. Pick a sport which gives you pleasure. This way practicing it will not be a burden and you will not give up after the first few times.

Should we take products for weight-loss?
Let’s be honest! People today have no time to follow their food and their daily calorie intake. That is why a modern regime for weight reduction must include three things – healthy eating, enough movement and admission of supplements that speed up reduction.

Which products do you recommend?
At the moment the best products for weight-reduction are the products from the Vitaslim brand. The series include the products Vitaslim LIGHT, Vitaslim LINE and Vitaslim FITNESS. They answer the need for the three main types of lifestyle.
SEDENTARY: Vitaslim LIGHT – for the people with a more sedentary everyday life and unbalanced nutrition. It has a double effect – regulates appetite, by restricting the calorie intake, and accelerates the burning of fat buildups (even when the body is at rest).
BALANCED: Vitaslim LINE – for people with problematic metabolism. It improves metabolism and reduced the fatty depots in the problematic areas (belly, waist, hips), it avoids also the yo-yo effect. Reduces
cellulite buildups and controls the hunger for sweets.
ACTIVE: Vitaslim FITNESS (the purest L-carnitine) – for people with more physical activity. Works for achieving the wanted and attractive forms of the body in women and men. Improves muscle tone and reduces fatigue during exercising.  
Vitaslim LIGHT, Vitaslim LINE and Vitaslim FITNESS can be successfully combined with each other with the purpose of complexly affecting the body weight and achieving the maximum beneficial results. The products are manufactured using the patented technology from a new generation – Licaps, in the modern plant of Capsugel in Colmar, France, for Vitaslim. Licaps permits the manufacturing of products without the use of conservatives, sugar, GMO or chemical solvents. All of this is a guarantee for the high effectiveness of the products. Vitaslim products are manufactured in the European Union and comply with all national and European health standards for quality and safety.