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Why 60 % break a limb during winter?

First and foremost thing is to feed enough calcium and
vitamin D in our bodies

“Only tonight 24 people with broken limbs have been received in the Emergency Room!” The grim statistic comes from the TV almost every night.

The problem is not only in the streets and sidewalks not cleaned, physicians say. A new research shows that around 60 % of the population of the advanced countries suffers from osteoporosis, which is the reason for many of the incidents. The treacherous illness makes the bones slowly go hollow and become more fragile even in minor falls and loads. It affects mainly elderly people, and more than twice as more women suffer from it than men.

How to prevent fractures?
First and foremost thing is to feed enough calcium and vitamin D in our bodies. Why both of them at once? Because calcium is the “food” of the bones – the more we take, the healthier our bones will get. But to “feed” best with calcium, our body needs the appropriate dose of Vitamin D.

During the winter the quantity of Vitamin D in the organism is greatly reduced. This worsens the utilization of the calcium and makes the bones more prone to fracture, the doctors warn. In the cold months additional Vitamin D should be taken, they add.

Take vitamin D in the form of oily solution, specialists recommend. Vitamin D is oil-soluble vitamin and to really work it should be in its own environment, they briefly describe.

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