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Strong Immunity = Health All Year Round

Nutrition and regular water intake lead to
improvement of the immune system

The immune system is an important factor for achieving and maintaining good health. If immunity is strong, all processes in the human body run normally. We have selected some useful tips for immune system strengthening.

The way we feed ourselves is very important for the immunity development. Fresh and natural products, which have not been subjected to chemical and thermal treatments, are most beneficial for it. This guarantees that vitamins and minerals in them are kept alive. Some of the products, which support immunity, are carrots, garlic, spinach, citrus fruits and fish (particularly cold-water fish).
It is good to avoid semi-cooked food or fully prepared meals sold in plastic boxes. Most of them contain lots of additives and are serious health risk. They could have negative influence not only on the digestive tract and metabolism but also on the immune system.

Water is the main component of the immune system cells. Moreover, all processes in the human body take place in aqueous medium. That’s why water is very important for strong immunity maintenance and normal functioning of all organs and systems in the human body. Water also brings out body toxins. Recommended daily water intake is at least 1.5 – 2 liters – mineral, spring or filtered water.

A rested body is a strong body. Scientific research has proven that sufficient sleep makes human body productive and strong. Adults’ sleep should last around 7-8 hours – depending on health condition and lifestyle.

Long-lasting stress has destructive influence on the immune system. It leads to hypertonia (high blood pressure), allergies and eczema. Deep breathing with full lungs, gymnastics and hot tubs are very efficient in fighting daily stress. All relaxation therapies are also suitable.

Personal Hygiene
Viruses, which make us sick, enter the human body through nose, eyes or mouth. We usually get infected by touching our faces with contaminated hands. Regular hand washing before and after meals substantially reduces the risk of infection.

And More
Nowadays, it is very hard to comply with all these tips – even though it is mostly up to us. For example, even if we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, we can never be sure that we get all beneficial substances we need. Many fresh products contain nitrates, others were genetically modified (GMO). Stress, especially at work, cannot be controlled. That’s why experts recommend additional intake of multivitamins. This is particularly important for people with active occupations, physically active individuals and subjects to daily stress. Pregnant women, children, teenagers and elderly people also need additional vitamins and minerals – their bodies are weaker and they easily fall victims to illnesses. It is very important to choose a natural product of proven quality which contains bioactive ingredients and satisfies all needs of the human body.