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What Causes Hair Loss

Excessive use of dyes, hair dryer
and other styling treatments damage

If you throw away a bunch of hair in the toilet every morning and weave the hair band three times when you tie your hair, it is obvious that your hair becomes progressively thinner – you have hair loss.
Hair loss could have multiple causes which you need to bear in mind in order to prevent it. We have selected the most common causes for hair loss and some useful tips for successful solutions.

Lack of Vitamins and Minerals
In order to be lustrous and healthy, hair needs a large number of nutrients. Vitamin A, selenium and vitamin D3 are particularly beneficial.
RECOMMENDATION: Daily diet has to be diverse – it is good to include food from all food groups in it. A very important tip is to take dietary supplements for skin and hair nourishment. They contain important vitamins and nutrients which ensure the nutrient balance of the hair.

Excessive Use of Chemical Products
Scalp is dried up if hair is dyed too often, as well as by the hot air from the hair drier. This severs the connection between the scalp and the hair roots, thus allowing hair to fall easily. Use of aggressive shampoos damages hair and disrupts its growth.
RECOMMENDATION: Limit chemical treatments of your hair and leave it to dry up by itself. Dietary supplements for hair and hair roots nourishment could be very beneficial. As a result, the connection between the scalp and the hair roots is strengthened and hair does not fall easily. It becomes stronger, more lustrous and resistant to external influences.

Lowered immunity, intake of medication damaging hair and hair roots, genetic predisposition and hormonal abnormalities are less common causes for hair loss. In such cases you need to see a dermatologist. He could either prescribe medication and start a treatment, or could recommend consultation with another expert.