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Nurture Hair to Health

Everything we eat is nutrition for our hair

Hair consists of a protein called keratin and amino acids.1/4 of its mass is water. In order to find out how to get soft and lustrous hair, we need to be aware of its structure.
It is well known that good looking hair is not only a matter of high quality cosmetics. It is very important what we eat and whether our body gets all vitamins, minerals and microelements it needs. Our diet has to be rich in proteins – fish, milk, cheese and meat are very beneficial for that purpose.
We need to drink a sufficient amount of liquids in order to supply the hair with the water it needs. The main minerals necessary for good looking hair are:

Selenium – keeps tissues elastic and supports the scalp – particularly in the case of dandruff.

Coenzyme Q10 – it supplies body cells with the energy they need (around 95% of all energy). It has a strong antioxidant effect and slows down ageing of body cells.

Lutein – it has a proven beneficial effect in hair strengthening. Lutein improves moisturizing and elasticity of skin, thus strengthening the bond between hair roots and skin and preventing hair loss.

Iron, zinc and copper are minerals which support the lustrous and healthy hair.

Vitamins A, D, C and E, as well as vitamins from group B are very important for the hair. Vitamin A stimulates the action of the proteins keratin and collagen which are vital ingredients of hair, skin and nails. Vitamin E improves the function of keratin and supports the blood flow in the scalp, thus ensuring hair growth. Vitamins B and C are also important for hair growth. Vitamin D3 has an important role in the human body – it supports the regeneration of new cells.

Omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids are proven to influence the good look of hair. They support the maintenance of skin turgor and reduce its dryness, thus supporting the transfer of beneficial substances to hair.

If the structure of the hair is damaged – this is a sign that the body misses some of these important substances. This is very common for people with unhealthy diet, subjected to stress, and also during change of seasons. In such cases, dietary supplements for hair have to be taken.