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How to Maintain Beautiful Hair in Summer

Sun, salty sea water and wind dry up hair

Summer is one of the most risky seasons for the health of hair. It dries out because of the sun, salty sea water and wind, thus loosing its shine and becoming dry and weak. To prevent this from happening, you have to take special care of it. Here are some simple rules for beautiful hair in summer:

Use the Proper Shampoo
Sulphate-free shampoos have to be used during the summer period. In that season hair gets dirty faster than normal and needs to be washed more frequently. Using of “standard” shampoo dries hair and its structure becomes vulnerable to damaging. Do not forget to use a balm – to a certain extent, it moisturizes hair in the hot summer days. Use the proper hair care products – they nourish hair from within and supply it with the needed beneficial substances.

Do Not Expose Hair to UV Rays
Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight during the hottest period of the day – UV rays are then very strong and damage not only hair but also skin. If you use fashion accessories – such as hats, scarves, and turbans – you will look good and protect your hair at the same time.

Avoid Hair Dryers
Hair dryers seriously damage hair – such as UV rays from direct sunlight. Summer heat and hair dryers dry up scalp and hair itself. Hair becomes weak, dry and thin. It is better to wash your hair in the evening, when air temperature is lower, and to leave your hair dry up by itself – without the help of a hair dryer.

Do Not Dye or Cut Your Hair Before the Summer Vacation
Between 2 weeks and 1 month should have passed after your last hair cut before you go to your well deserved summer holiday at the beach. If you dye your hair shortly before the vacation, the investment will not pay for itself – the sun will change its color very soon. It is better to dye your hair after the vacation – when you will also be able to show up at work with a nice tan and fresh hair color.

Comb Your Hair More Frequently
When combing your hair, you massage your scalp at the same time. This improves blood circulation, and scalp and hair are supplied with more beneficial substances. Frequent combing in the summer helps hair “breathe” and stay clean longer.