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Hair and Autumn in 3 Steps

In order to prepare our hair for the
winter, we need to refresh and
nurture it

Autumn is knocking on the door – we feel that not only by the colder weather, but also by the change of our hair. Its color is not vivid any more and our summer hair style, in which we took pride at the beach, is no longer there. Here are some useful tips for revitalizing of hair:

Cutting Off the Hair Ends
In order to get back the summer look of your hair at least to a certain extent, you need to make an appointment at the hairdresser’s. Cutting off the ends will make your hairstyle look better and will strengthen your hair.

Refresh the Color of Your Hair
If you dye your hair regularly – now it is the right time to do it. Choose a mild dye, as close to your natural hair color as possible. This will allow you to avoid aggressive dyes and to save efforts on maintenance. If you want to be up-to-date – dark colors are modern in winter. When you decide to dye your hair, however, always take into consideration its current condition.

You definitely took care of your hair in the summer – the same has to be done in the autumn too. This is the season of the autumn hair loss and renewing of hair. These processes are normal, but your hear needs special care. It is good to use both masks for nurturing from the outside and products for nourishment from the inside.