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Autumn Hair Loss - Nothing to Worry About, but…

Autumn hair loss lasts for 4 to 6
weeks and is completely normal,
but measures have to be taken

At the end of the summer, autumn reminds us about itself – not only with the falling leaves, but also with the autumn hair loss. After the UV rays, salty sea water, and the rich in chlorine water in the swimming pool, hair starts to renew itself. The autumn hair loss lasts for around 4–6 weeks and is a perfectly normal thing. Nevertheless, it is good to take some precautions in order to make sure that this will remain the normal seasonal hair loss, and will not grow into something more serious.

Make an Appointment at the Hairdresser’s
In order to help your hair cope with the transition period – from hot to relatively cold temperatures – it is good to visit your hairdresser. Cutting your hair will give it new strength and luster.

Pay Attention to the Food You Eat
We all know that our hair needs nurturing. The best thing to do is to provide it with all it needs – proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our food has to be rich in fish, milk, dairy products and meat. Vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D3 are particularly beneficial, and so are selenium, lutein, coenzyme Q10, zinc, copper and iron. It is recommended to reduce the saturated fats and to eat food rich in unsaturated fats. We also need to make sure to drink enough liquids – 24% of the hair is water.

Limit Stress
Stress leads to constriction of blood vessels, which limits the access of beneficial substances to the hair. The more stress situations we are in, the more often we leave our hair “hungry”. There are lots of anti-stress therapies and activities which not only are good for your hair, but also could improve your general health, sleep and well being.

Give Up Bad Habits
May be autumn is not the time when we decide to quit alcohol and cigarettes, but the autumn hair loss could be a good reason to think about that. We all know that nicotine, as well as all other ingredients of the cigarettes, are poisonous. Same applies to liquor – it kills vitamins in our bodies.

Sport – for Body and Hair
Sport is a universal way for beauty maintenance – not only because it helps us get a shapely body, but also due to the toxins we excrete through perspiration. If physical exercise has become an inseparable part of your daily routine, do not forget to wash your hair every time after you sweat heavily – this will regulate acidity of scalp. It is good to wash your hair by applying shampoo with massage movements, thus improving blood circulation in scalp and access of beneficial substances to hair. Do not use your nails when applying shampoo – you could damage your scalp and hair roots, which is a precondition for hair loss.

Choose Cosmetics Very Carefully
In order to have healthy hair, it is very important to choose the right cosmetic products for your hair type. Some hairdressers share the opinion that hair has to be washed every three days. No matter how limited your time is, make sure to rinse your hair well before getting out of the bathroom. Hair care from the outside should include shampoo, balm and nourishing mask, while internally hair has to be nourished and moisturized by dietary supplements.