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What is More Powerful Than Vitamins?

Working vitamins guarantee best results

A number of American and European studies have proven that live vitamins are a lot more powerful than regular vitamins, and help people get better results. The unique multivitamin complex, made of bioactive vitamins and minerals in their natural environment, is available in Bulgaria as Vitaslim VITAMINS.

The live vitamins Vitaslim VITAMINS feature an improved formula – beneficial substances are preliminary dissolved in an oil bath. This keeps the natural biological qualities of vitamins and minerals intact and significantly improves their absorption in the human body. As a result, Vitaslim VITAMINS are a lot more efficient and ensure way better results, compared to other products. Scientific studies have proven that the human body absorbs only 20–30% of the content of the regular vitamins. This is not enough for achieving sufficient results.

In addition to the exceptional qualities of Vitaslim VITAMINS is the patented Licaps® encapsulation technology, which enables sealing of fresh and unprocessed liquid ingredients in hard gelatin capsules. This is a guarantee that ingredients were not chemically and thermally processed and do not contain additives – Vitaslim VITAMINS are preservative free, gluten free, sugar free and GMO free. The product is pure and safe.

Vitaslim VITAMINS contain a complex of vitally important vitamins, minerals and microelements. They strengthen immunity and help people maintain good health. Vitaslim VITAMINS are beneficial for bones, teeth, skin, hair, and nails, they support vision and keep blood sugar and hemoglobin within normal limits. Vitaslim VITAMINS support metabolism, thus ensuring children’s normal growth. They contribute to the normal functions of thyroid and brain, and are beneficial for men’s sexual health. Vitaslim VITAMINS have strong antioxidant effect and support the normal functioning of the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and digestive systems.