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Stress - The Number One Modern Killer

According to the experts, stressed people have a
serious need of multivitamins

A large number of scientific studies have proven that stress is the number one modern time killer. It is the major cause for the staggering increase in cancer, strokes and heart attacks in the past few decades. The most alarming fact is that more and more young people fall victim to these diseases.  

Experts say that fighting stress could prolong our lives by a few years. But how does this happen?

The first step is to identify the “culprit”. Harmful stress has symptoms such as restless sleep, muscle tensions, gastrointestinal disturbances, chronic fatigue, nervousness, changing moods, food disorders (from overeating to complete lack of appetite), etc.

Experts say that stressed people need to take multivitamins. Harmful habits and polluted environment destroy vitamins and minerals in the human body. As a result of this, immunity is significantly weakened, especially during the season of flues and colds. High quality vitamins have to ensure maximum absorption of beneficial substances in the human body – this is a guarantee of “good work” and excellent results. Last but not least, intake of multivitamins must not be harmful for the gastrointestinal tract.

Vitaslim VITAMINS are multivitamins which are highly recommended by the experts. They are the only ones in Bulgaria containing liquid, functionally active (“live”) vitamins and minerals. The product is manufactured as per a unique technology – ingredients are preliminary dissolved in a proper medium. This is a guarantee of preservation of the quality of the ingredients until the moment of absorption in the human body. Dissolving ensures a maximum degree of absorption and unprecedented effectiveness. Due to its liquid form the product is not harmful for the stomach and does not cause gastrointestinal problems.

In a nutshell – Vitaslim VITAMINS gives the human body what it needs in the form which allows the most effective absorption.

Vitaslim VITAMINS compared to other forms of multivitamin products

Product/Form Advantages Disadvantages
TABLETS Long shelf life Low absorption (around 20-30%);
Low effectiveness;
Hard to dissolve;
Possible gastrointestinal irritations;
Unpleasant taste.
(dissolving in water)
Long shelf life;
Easy to take;
Pleasant taste.
Quick loss of beneficial substances;
Low absorption;
Low effectiveness;
Additives (colors, flavors and fragrances).
Pleasant taste.
Quick loss of beneficial substances;
Low absorption;
Low effectiveness;
Additives (colors, flavors and fragrances);
Oxidation and quick spoilage.
(liquid vitamins in Licaps®)
Bioactive vitamins;
Maximum degree of absorption;
High effectiveness;
No chemical or thermal processing;
Colors, flavor and fragrance free;
Preservative free;
GMO free;
No oxidation;
Long shelf life;
No taste and smell.
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