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Live Vitamins

Oil bath contributes to the maximum absorption of

A newly developed product has solved the serious problem of absorption of vitamins and minerals we take. Its beneficial ingredients are pre-dissolved in a proper medium, which keeps them functionally active (“live”) until the moment of absorption in the human body.

The product is manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Capsugel in France. It does not have the shortcomings of the old forms used so far – tablets, effervescent tablets (dissolving in water) and liquids. The so called “live vitamins” are now sold in Bulgaria – under the product name Vitaslim VITAMINS.

The new product Vitaslim VITAMINS is a complex of minerals and vitamins which are pre-dissolved in an oil bath – i.e. prepared for direct absorption in the human body, and vacuum sealed in hard gelatin capsules – a guarantee of durability of the ingredients.

Due to the oil bath Vitaslim VITAMINS go slowly through the small intestine, thus ensuring maximum absorption and high effectiveness of the ingredients. The oil bath keeps the biological properties of vitamins A, D and E (oil dissolvable vitamins) in Vitaslim VITAMINS. They remain functionally active, i.e. “live”, until absorption in the human body.

Another big advantage is the Licaps® encapsulation technology which allows vacuum sealing of liquids in hard gelatin capsules. This technology prevents all other vitamins (the water dissolvable ones) and minerals in Vitaslim VITAMINS from a direct contact with oxygen and oxidation. The Licaps® technology also allows sealing and preservation of completely fresh ingredients, and vitamins and minerals in Vitaslim VITAMINS are not chemically or thermally processed.

Last but not least, hard gelatin capsules prevent the beneficial substances in Vitaslim VITAMINS from the action of the gastric acids by not allowing them to “loose themselves on the way”. This means that the amount of beneficial substances absorbed in the human body is exactly equal to that in the capsule.

Vitaslim VITAMINS are precisely dosed and suitable for both adults and children.