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Skin Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss is dependent on the health of the skin

Research has proven that hair loss is dependent on the health and maintenance of the skin. It appears that the more nurtured and hydrated skin is, the stronger hair roots and nails are.

What Do Hair and Skin Need?
The easiest natural care is providing the body with important beneficial substances. Some plant oils, which provide natural hydration of skin and strengthening of hair roots, are very effective.
Last but not least, vitamins A, E and D3 have to be mentioned – they support the famous proteins collagen and creatine – the main structural units of skin, hair and nails.

How Could These Substances Be Obtained Today?
Unlike the past, today food is not a sufficient source of these beneficial natural substances. The unique product Vitaslim BEAUTY is the most complete complex of plant oils, antioxidants and the popular youth coenzyme – Q10. It supports hair strength and growth and reduces dandruff and hair loss. The product strengthens nails and gives hair fresh and healthy look. All its beneficial substances are liquid – this provides faster result and better effectiveness. Vitaslim BEAUTY is manufactured as per the patented Licaps® encapsulation technology, which is a guarantee that all ingredients are 100% fresh and pure.