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Reduce Cholesterol without Medication

Cholesterol plaques clog blood vessels and could
lead to serious health issues

German clinical research has confirmed that cholesterol could be reduced without medicines. Results have proven that the best natural product for cholesterol and triglycerides optimization is the oil of antarctic shrimp (krill).

The unique Krill Oil, known as Visilife Health, is the most powerful ecologically clean omega-3 product. Research has proven that it lowers levels of “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol 7 times more effective than fish oil, even taken in an unprecedentedly small daily dose. The action of 1 capsule of Visilife Health is as strong as 12 capsules of fish oil + 3 capsules of coenzyme Q10 + 10 capsules of phospholipids. One of the greatest advantages of the product is that the omega-3 acids in it are in the same form as in the human body. This guarantees full absorption and fast results.

By preventing blood clots, Visilife Health improves the cardiovascular system. It is beneficial for the normal heart rate and the blood vessels. Visilife Health is also a powerful antioxidant – 300 times more powerful than vitamin A and vitamin E, 48 times more powerful than fish oil, and 34 times more powerful than coenzyme Q10. It is proven to slow down the aging process – due to the large quantity of natural astaxanthin.

Another big advantage is the Licaps® encapsulation technology, which allows vacuum sealing of liquids in hard gelatin capsules without thermal processing. This is very important for the products of marine origin, as the possibility of oxidation of the content is eliminated. As a result of the Licaps® encapsulation technology, Visilife Health’s action is intensive and the capsules have no unpleasant smell and taste.