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Anastas Stoykov, MD
Internal medicine

Vitamins That Really Work

In certain periods of our lives, we all had to take vitamins – due to an illness, great physical efforts, unhealthy diet, etc. Vitamin deficiency could cause serious disorders to which all modern people are vulnerable – as most of us, even the children, consume fast food. Which vitamins really work and what vitamins to take are questions we often ask ourselves.
Lately, there has been bitter controversy on the shortcomings of all known forms of additional vitamin and mineral intake – tablets, effervescent tablets (dissolving in water) and liquids. There has been a debate on the extent of assimilation of the different forms, the option for preserving the active ingredients in active form till the moment of absorption, the unpleasant smells and tastes, etc. Vitaslim VITAMINS – a new form of preliminarily dissolved in oil solution multivitamin product – has recently been released on the market. It overcomes all the above-mentioned shortcomings.

What does the new form give?
Vitaslim VITAMINS contains a complex of vitamins and minerals which are preliminary dissolved in an oil bath, thus being ready for absorption by the human body. They are vacuum sealed in hard gelatin capsules – a warranty for the durability of the ingredients.
The oil bath allows Vitaslim VITAMINS to resorb slowly in the small intestine, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of the product. This is due to the time during which the solution goes through the small intestine - it is long enough to ensure full and effective absorption of the active ingredients. This is an important advantage which distinguishes Vitaslim VITAMINS from the normal liquid vitamins – they go fast (“transit”) through the small intestine and their absorption is compromised. The absorption of the tablets, on the other hand, is impeded by the need of preliminary “digestion” and dissolving of the hard substance, which could worsen the effect to people with gastrointestinal problems.
A very important fact is that due to the oil bath all fat-soluble vitamins in Vitaslim VITAMINS (A, D and E) preserve 100% of their biological properties and remain functionally active until their absorption in the human organism, i.e. stay “live” to a much larger extent than the other forms.
The third considerable advantage of Vitaslim VITAMINS is the unique Licaps® encapsulation technology which allows vacuum sealing of liquids in hard gelatin capsules. Due to this technology, the water-soluble vitamins are protected from a direct contact with oxygen and oxidizing. This is another advantage of Vitaslim VITAMINS over the regular liquid forms, in which the vitamins are exposed to direct contact with oxygen after package is opened. Another important characteristic of the Licaps® technology is that it allows sealing and preservation of completely fresh ingredients. Therefore, vitamins and minerals, which Vitaslim VITAMINS contains, are not thermally and chemically processed.
Last but not least, the hard gelatin capsule protects the active substance of Vitaslim VITAMINS from the impact of the stomach acids. It ensures an unimpeded delivery of the salutary substances to the small intestine, where the absorption begins. This is one of the most important advantages of Vitaslim VITAMINS over the regular liquid vitamins and the effervescent ones - after intake they go through the esophagus and the stomach, where part of them are destroyed by the aggressive factors in the gastric juice. In other words – large part of the useful substances in the regular liquid vitamins are “lost on the way”.

Recommended intake
For people with specific needs – pregnant, physically active, physically exerted, stressed, with higher mental workload, unhealthy diet or gastrointestinal problems – recommended daily dose is 1 capsule twice daily; a maintenance dose, ensuring vitality and energy – 1 capsule daily; for children under 3 years of age – 1 capsule daily.
Vitaslim VITAMINS has no side effects and undesired reactions.

How long do we need to take multivitamins?
The duration of the multivitamin intake is subject to multiple factors and is specific for each person. For people with unhealthy diet, subjected to daily stress, physically active, elderly citizens and people with gastrointestinal problems, a year-round intake is recommended – it could prevent many discomforts and health issues. Moreover, year-round multivitamin intake strengthens immunity, improves overall physical fitness (the fatigue at the end of the business day disappears), maintains vitality and energy and helps people overcome the spring fever. It also contributes to prevention of seasonal hair loss, keeps nails hard and elastic, maintains skin fresh and improves the overall body functions. The additional multivitamin intake keeps the human body young.
I recommend Vitaslim VITAMINS as one of the best products in this group to all people who need multivitamins.