People About Vitaslim

My Cholesterol is Now Normal

2-3 months ago I read about Visilife Health. It was a natural product – as opposed to almost all others on the market – and I decided to try it. Before I started taking it, I did cholesterol and triglycerides tests. My cholesterol was at the upper limit of normal, and my triglycerides were one unit above the norm. My blood pressure was 90/140.
I started taking the product in accordance with the instructions, and I was quite prejudiced about the effect I could expect. I did another blood test in 20 days. I was surprised to find out that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels were very close to normal. The promising results gave me a reason to keep on taking the product – a maintenance dose of 1 capsule daily. In 20 more days, the third blood test showed that my cholesterol and triglycerides were within normal limits. The fact that my blood pressure has also normalized and is now between 70/110 and 80/120 is even more impressive.
I am currently taking one capsule daily and I am in perfect shape. I highly recommend the product to people with problems similar to mine.

Ivan Stoynov, MD, 53, Zlatitsa, Bulgaria