People About Vitaslim

I Managed to Revive My Hair for Only a Month

As a result of the numerous treatments to my hair for the last 10 years, I literally had no hair left. I wanted to look good by being blond, after that I changed the color to auburn, now my hair is black… All that in a combination with all other procedures literally “killed” my hair. It was completely “dead” until I tried Vitaslim BEAUTY.
It happened by accident. I bought it by mistake – instead of some expensive product for treated hair. After I read the ingredients in the flyer and I made sure the product was completely natural, I started taking it. I had already paid for it, so it was better to use it. I was quite skeptical about it, however.
In a month the hair fall stopped, my hair became lustrous and started growing again. That’s why I took 2 more packages of 50 capsules each.
I recommend to all people with problems similar to mine just to try the product. I myself feel good again, my self esteem is high, and I have pretty hair. No matter how skeptical I still am, I do believe that there are good products on the market.

Ludmila Tsoneva, 34, Sofia, Bulgaria