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My Skin is like the One of a Little Baby

My problem was quite different. I was in a depression for months, I hardly ate, and I started to look skinny. Not to mention my immune system! I am 1.70 m tall, and I weighed 48 kg. In addition to all that, my hair started to fall progressively. It became dry and thin. My skin looked gray and unhealthy.
I started taking Vitaslim BEAUTY, and I was determined to achieve good results. In around 20 days I felt quite better. This gave me a reason to keep on taking the product. Another good thing was the affordable price.
A few months have passed ever since, and, thank God, I have no more problems with my skin and hair. Nevertheless, I keep on taking Vitaslim BEAUTY on a regular basis. I am sure that it saved my health and most importantly – my self esteem. What is a woman without beautiful skin and hair!?
P.S. I weigh 48 kg again, and the depression still reminds of itself from time to time, but I walk proud because I have lustrous hair and my skin is as soft and pink as the one of a baby. I like myself!

Veska Trailova, 38, Haskovo, Bulgaria