People About Vitaslim

My Hips Are Thinner Now

I am 46 years old, and I have fought overweight for quite a while now. In the last seven years I have been going to the gym and sticking to a healthy diet. Due to that I managed to stay healthy and in good shape. Everything was just fine until last fall.
As a result of my increasing age, the everyday stress, and the increased duties at work, I started to lose my good shape.
An advertisement of Vitaslim products caught my attention for the first time this spring.
Am a rather skeptical person, and a few months have passed by the time I decided to buy the first package. I did consult with a pharmacist about that – a friend of mine.
I started taking it when I was absolutely sure that the product was all natural and completely harmless. The first effect was suppressed appetite – especially as far as sweet food was concerned. My metabolism was improved. I felt that the fats I had accumulated in the problem zones - waist, hips and thighs – were reduced. The pants that had become very tight started to look good on me. The numbers on the scale were going down.
After 2 months with Vitaslim LIGHT and almost no dieting whatsoever I have lost 4 kg, and that makes me very happy indeed. In a nutshell – Vitaslim LIGHT really works!

Rumyana Nikolova, 46, Pleven, Bulgaria