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Amazing – My Hair is Lustrous!

Hello! I decided to share with you my experience with Vitaslim BEAUTY.
My hair is quite dry and dehydrated. I used the standard products for its maintenance. When my nails started to break, however, I gave the problem a serious thought. That is when I saw the ad of Vitaslim BEAUTY – a product for healthy and lustrous nails, skin and hair – in Facebook. I wanted to know more about it, so I looked for opinions of people who had already used it. I even read an interview with Maggie Zhelyazkova, who was also using it. I think every woman dreams of hair like hers. This made me try it.
I have already taken 50 capsules (one package), and results are visible. It is amazing – my hair is lustrous, and it does not feel as terribly dry as before.
I am happy that this product is available in Bulgaria at an affordable price. The first time when I read that it is used by models, I thought to myself: “Yeah, but it probably costs a fortune”. After I checked, I was pleasantly surprised by its price which every woman can afford.

Galya Velichkova, 44, Sofia, Bulgaria