People About Vitaslim

Every day to me is 100% fulfilling


My first feel of the so called Living Vitamins (Vitaslim VITAMINS) was: “This is exactly what I need”. I’ve read all the information – living ingredients, maximum utilization and new technology. I didn’t even make a reference for any other types.

I’ve read comments of present mammas in the website BG-Mamma for the Vitaslim products. I’ve read only wonderful comments for their whole portfolio. From this moment onwards I had no doubt that the Vitaslim VITAMINS are my vitamins.

I have been taking the Living vitamins for almost two months. Their name literally “screams” and clearly paints my condition during the day – I am different, able to work more and prettier. I have more energy since I started taking them. I feel more useful and wonderful with them. It is fascinating how small a miracle the Vitaslim VITAMINS capsule is, and how much it gives to a person so he can be fulfilling during the day.

Galina Krilcheva, 31, Sofia, Bulgaria

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