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I lost 50 kilograms without efforts

Hello, friends!
My name is Vassil Genchev and I am from Stara Zagora. A year ago I was 174 kg. I probably tried every weight loss product. I won’t mention their names, as none of them helped me. I made a lot of diets but again no results from them either. Once I managed to lose 5-6 kg with a diet and fitness exercising. It seemed really tough and I gave up trying to lose weight.

I stopped searching for a solution. One day my grandmother called me over to her house. She showed me an article in the newspaper in which a woman told how she lost 10-15 kgs thanks to Vitaslim. I decided to try. This was my last chance. Vitaslim was the only thing I hadn’t tried. I took 10 packs of Vitaslim LIGHT and left for Cyprus the other day.

I started taking the capsules as it said in the manual. Vitaslim LIGHT suppresses the appetite and it was easier for me to go on a diet. I began going to the gym. Slowly the arrow on the scales began falling. During the first month I lost 11 kg. In the following months everything was by the familiar scheme – I took the capsules, dieted and went to the gym. For these 10 packs which are equal to 3 and a half months (I took 1 capsule 3 times a day, one hour before meal), I lost 20 kg. I didn’t stop there. I ordered another 10 packs of Vitaslim LIGHT. I took them the same way. Their effect was the same and I lost another 20 kg.

My benefit from them is the 40 kg lost for 7 months and a body which I’m starting to be happy about. I am very satisfied from Vitaslim LIGHT. I even ordered Vitaslim LINE and Vitaslim FITNESS. I take them for 2 weeks and I feel there is a difference. I feel perfect with them as well, and they fit perfectly in my new lifestyle.

What happened next?
I was not satisfied with what I have already achieved and I didn’t stop where my first story ended. I continued the fight with the overweight, as I am really dedicated to the idea of being healthy, living the life I’ve dreamt of, being energetic, and to weight just as much as it is normal for my height.

The record loss in weight was already done so I changed my manner – I turned to sport. I go to the gym almost every day, accentuating on strength training exercises as I want to get more fit. I also changed my Vitaslim program – now I combine Vitaslim LINE and Vitaslim FITNESS as they contribute faster fat burning. I took them to shape my muscles and body and to get fit.

I lost 10 kilos more so I reached a total of 50 kilos. However, the best part is that I felt a whole body revival. I had much more power and energy than before. Now I adore going to night clubs and dancing all night long. When I am on the beach I feel really confident as I see the girls are looking at me with different eyes. Now I really enjoy life and flirting is easier and much more pleasant for me. I am e new person with a new life. And all this  thanks to Vitaslim and my will.

Vasil Genchev, 21, Cyprus

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