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Change without much of an effort


A year and 9 months ago I gave birth to my sunshine Georgi. With him I feel the happiest person on earth. But when I looked myself I wanted to cry.

During the pregnancy I gained nearly 20 kg which I couldn’t lose with anything I had tried. Quite contrary, it seemed to me that I was gaining more.

One day I simply saw Vitaslim’s advertisement. I read immediately in the Internet and the next day I bought Vitaslim LIGHT. I expected to gain 1-2 kg again, but this wasn’t the case.

I started taking it as it is written in the leaflet. I restricted the sweets and for less than a month I lost 4 kg. I continued to take it several more months and this time I added Vitaslim FITNESS as well. The result is minus 13 kg right now. I still continue to lose weight, but I count more on exercising and Vitaslim FITNESS. To all the women with my problem I can only recommend to try and then enjoy the results.

Sonia Shtereva, 30, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

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