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There is a solution to the overweight

Hello! Two years ago I experienced the greatest feeling in the world - I became a mother of one little boy.  I had a wonderful pregnancy - easy and with no complications. The only problem that I faced was the change in my body weight. Neither limitations nor diets prescribed by a specialist managed to prevent me from gaining weight. This is how I went from being 79 kg to 116 kg for only 9 months. I was afraid of looking in the mirror and deliberately avoided it. When I did it, all I saw was one huge woman who I did not used to know. I felt my self - confidence began to disappear and then I decided “Stop!”. People saying “You have been pregnant, it is normal to gain weight” seemed funny to me. I had to take it in my own hands and prove to myself and the others that my body-weight can be changed.
By the time I was the most desperate, a friend of mine told me about Vitaslim page on Facebook. I found out that there was a game at this time and I took a part. I had never won before and I really didn’t  expect a miracle. It happened anyway - I was among the winners.
That was a sign. As soon as I received the capsules Vitaslim LINE and Vitaslim LIGHT I began to take them. I combined the intake with a balanced diet.  The first few days I felt no change. A week later my appetite decreased - I didn’t feel hunger despite I was on a diet. Thanks to Vitaslim products I felt vital and full of energy. After I finished the first box, I bought two more. Today, a year later, I can boast about the result. I am again 79 kg and I have a great self - confidence. I am happy that I found the perfect combination: Vitaslim products + balanced diet. I showed the others that as far as a person has a strong will to do something, there is always a way to achieve it. It is just that sometimes you need a help from a friend like Vitaslim. My combination was a 100% successful.
I want more people with that problem to learn about that there is a solution for the overweight. They just have to make some effort.
Thank you from all my heart, that I found you and you helped me!

Tsvetka Borisova, 27, Sevlievo, Bulgaria

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